My mission is to help you free yourself from binge eating and intrusive food thoughts for good, so you can live your life fully.


I thought I had a self-control problem.

I truly valued my health. So why did I keep sabotaging myself?

Even if I made it the whole day without a binge, I'd still be dipping cookies in peanut butter by 9pm. 

Surely, I just needed more self-control. I went through countless notebooks with my resolutions, rules, and plans, with too many "Day 1" pages to count.

I created color-coded spreadsheets, filled with good intentions. But no matter how hard I tried, my willpower never lasted long enough before I fell off the wagon and into a frozen pizza frenzy.

It made no sense, because I knew what to do and still couldn't do it.

I could tell you in less than 3 seconds how many calories any food had. I knew more about nutrition than My Fitness Pal. I could talk all day about the importance of discipline, meditation, and controlling the mind. 

Even worse, I worked in weight loss! I was successfully helping people lose weight every day, directing programs, managing dietitians, and training the fitness trainers.

But when the day was done, I'd hide in the car binge eating an entire pizza.

When I showed up to teach a fitness class the next morning, I was still in pain from what I’d eaten the night before. 

Not to mention, the financial shame.

Who knew that just $20 of unnecessary food per day, adds up to $7,300 of unnecessary spending per year?

But all that wasn't enough to stop me. 

I would binge so badly that I couldn't stand up, and I'd have to crawl to bed.

If I threw away a food in the garbage so I wouldn't eat more of it, I'd just pull it back out of the garbage can and eat the rest.

I remember Googling whether it was possible for my stomach to burst from eating too much.

So I kept trying harder to stop eating ...

I got more certifications in nutrition. I trained harder in fitness. I'd step on the scale and measure my body fat five times a day trying to monitor my progress. 

I tried to control my mind through meditation, hypnosis, acupuncture, tapping, and energy work. I tried to heal through therapy.

I tried cleanses, laxatives, appetite suppressants, supplements, 30-day bootcamps, and detoxes.

I went to Overeaters Anonymous and food addiction sobriety meetings.

But the more I tried, the worse I got.

Eventually, it all came to a head when I realized this wasn't a self-control issue at all. I had an eating disorder.

But there was no way I was going to go the conventional eating disorder treatment route.

I didn't believe for one second that the clinical and medical settings were addressing the root of the problem, and I was unimpressed by the low success rates. 

Everything changed when I started studying how the the brain of a compulsive overeater works, versus the brain of a “normal” eater.

I realized that all the things I was doing were making my binges much worse, especially with the mindset I was doing them.

I learned how to start thinking like a normal eater, and listening to my body naturally, without food rules. (Turns out the food rules were fueling the binges anyway!)

I can now eat any food without worrying about spiraling out of control.

I'm calm with any food in the house.

I eat according to my body signals.

I no longer have trigger foods.

Heck, I've even caught myself craving celery. CELERY, of all things!

I never thought this day would come.

Now it's my normal, daily life. I no longer have an eating disorder, and I am a peaceful, natural eater.

This entire process led me to create the Rewired Eating Framework, to help any binge eater learn how to return to natural, peaceful eating.

Now, years later, countless people have freed themselves from years of out-of-control eating by building a peaceful relationship with food.

I've seen mothers break the generational pattern of passing down an eating disorder to their children.

I've seen food addicts completely forget that their biggest trigger food was in the cupboard, and have no desire to eat it.

I've seen people with 20+ years of disordered eating finally claim their freedom, even after years of therapy, doctors, medications, and even surgery didn't work.

Freedom from binge eating is not only possible ... it's well within your reach. 

Yes, freedom from binge eating takes work. But not more work than living with binge eating itself.

I invite you to further explore these pages, and see how we do it, so you can do it too.

Here's to your freedom!



Shahar Kovetz

Shahar Kovetz is our highly-trusted Rewired Eating Mindset expert, helping our clients build their healthy relationship with food, at the root level.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same brain that created it.” - Albert Einstein

Mindset and strategy are both necessary elements to end disordered eating permanently. Together they allow for a truly sustainable, and ever-improving relationship with food, and with yourself.

When our clients have questions, Shahar listens between the lines, and gets to the root of the issue. He helps our clients shift their mindsets quickly and easily. He’s known for his words of wisdom, memorable analogies, and sense of humor.

For more, listen to the podcast episode, “Learning Your Body’s Language to End Binge Eating,” with Katie and Shahar.

Hannah Fansler

Hannah Fansler is our Client Support Coach, who freed herself from 25+ years of binge eating disorder and bulimia by going through our Rewired Eating program. She’s walked the walk, and helps our clients do the same.

Hannah has a degree in Psychology and taught college and high-school level psychology courses in Minnesota. She also has extensive experience working with at-risk youth, ADHD, anxiety and depressive disorders, and autism spectrum disorder.

Hannah has been married for 23 years to her high-school sweetheart, and is the mother of 3 grown children.

Listen to Hannah’s story on the Binge Eating to Food Freedom podcast.

Susan Benedet

Susan Benedet is our administrative professional with a passion for organization.

Susan ensures that everything runs smoothly so our clients can focus on what’s most important – themselves!

She takes care of the behind-the-scenes work, and makes sure that our clients have everything they need to succeed.

Susan has been married to the love of her life for 25 years and is mom to two inspirational young adults, as well as to her animal family members, Leo the Tabby, Zoe the Tortie, and Jack the Chihuahua.

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Give yourself what you actually need in the moment so you’re satisfied, calm and taking genuine care of yourself rather than numbing yourself out with food


Become consistent in building your new habits so they will not only last, but will become so effortless, they are just part of who you are


Rewire your body and how your brain responds to food, so that you don’t get triggered anymore and overcome disordered eating.


Learn how to stop feeling out of control. Make your next move with food from a calm, empowered choice, rather than compulsion.


Tune into your body’s signals. Eat naturally according to your body's needs, so you never need to count a single calorie ever again.


Learn to feel truly satisfied, and to quiet the intrusive food thoughts, so you're no longer numbing to cope.


You don't need to be a master to train like one. Learn to become so consistent, that your efforts start feeling effortless. 


Change your body and brain's habits, so food becomes a non-issue, and you are a peaceful, natural eater. 

The Compulsion Code is a unique introductory mini course that defies everything you've ever learned about food rules, self-control, and motivation.

You'll understand why you have out-of-control feelings around food, and you'll receive practical tools to get started on your food freedom journey immediately. 

Finally, understand the fundamentals of exactly  why you binge and how to stop.


PATH to Food Freedom is our signature program for those who are driven and deeply committed to a lifetime of freedom from binge eating, and any kind of compulsive overeating.

Apply this comprehensive, practical program to your daily life with food, and feel results immediately. 

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