12-week immersion program to help you end disordered eating, binge eating, and compulsive overeating, so you can finally be free to focus on what’s truly important in your life. 

12-week immersion program to help you end disordered eating, binge eating, and compulsive overeating, so you can finally be free to focus on what’s truly important in your life. 




Let's get honest here for a minute...

Even though you have invested in many diets and strategies to cope with binge eating in the past, you’re committed to yourself and keep showing up because you know there IS a strategy available to help you completely overcome compulsive eating once and for all

You are logical and intuitive, yet you struggle with connecting to your body and understanding what your body really needs

You have overanalyzed why you have been binge eating, and yet getting to the root hasn’t really helped you stop - so you are ready to try something different that will get you permanent results (without spending the rest of your life in therapy reliving your childhood)

While you feel in control and consider yourself a high achiever in most areas of your life, you feel  you have little to no willpower around food and sticking to a plan around food and eating is really hard for you

You are seriously ready to end this chapter of disordered eating, and open to a new chapter of peace and ease with food


And have an unwavering commitment to yourself & to end disordered eating for good.

Here's what I want you to understand

Most people are trying to “think” their way out of food obsession or binge eating, but the body needs to be involved if you truly want to recover your relationship with food.

You can’t just do a bunch of mental gymnastics or endless therapy trying to trick yourself into thinking or feeling differently about food. That’s not how the body works.

This is the reason why so many binge eating recovery programs go on and on about lifestyle changes, but the truth is that the changes they promote end up being ones you can’t sustain for the rest of your life - so most people fall back on old habits.

This is why we do things in a completely different way.

I’m Katie Papo, and as a someone who has personally fully recovered from compulsive overeating and binge eating, I’ve dedicated all of my professional life to mastering how to rewire your body and help others overcome and end compulsive eating.

Most of our clients have struggled for at least 10 years with binge eating, yet through our elite system, they can feel a difference even in the first day or two of the program, while making shifts that they never thought they were capable of making – without white knuckled willpower, or a single food rule.


A 12-week immersion program to permanently free yourself from disordered eating habits, so you can be free to be present and reach your ultimate potential in life, without having food holding you back.

Client Freedom Stories

We do this through

The Rewired Framework


 Shift away from compulsion with food, and into peace and ease. Train your body and brain to feel much less out-of-control … and far more calm with food.


 Learn your body’s language, and feel your hunger, satisfaction, and fullness signals. Learn how to reconnect to your body and communicate with it.


 Improve your health and wellbeing by giving your body what it’s truly asking for. Meanwhile, train your brain to be on your own team, rooting you on.


When you practice something enough times, a certain “effortlessness” is born. Mastery comes from repetition. Practice makes permanent. 


Your body and brain rewire and re-pattern as you repeat this entire cycle and practice it in all kinds of food-related situations. The result? More peace, and ease with food. Freedom.


Reset and calm your nervous system so that you make your next move with food from a calm, empowered place of choice rather than out of impulse or compulsion


Tune into and decipher your body’s signals so you can sense what your body needs and feed it accordingly without compulsion.


Give yourself what you actually need in the moment so you’re satisfied, calm and taking genuine care of yourself rather than numbing yourself out with food


Become consistent in building your new habits so they will not only last, but will become so effortless, they are just part of who you are


Rewire your body and how your brain responds to food, so that you don’t get triggered anymore and overcome disordered eating.

Rewired Eating is currently being offered as a 12-week immersion for those who are committed to a life free from disordered eating, and are ready to create a life of peace and ease with food. 

This program is for those who desire permanent freedom from binge eating and compulsive overeating. 

This is for you if you want a long immersion period, with 1:1 coaching throughout, to practice your new tools and build success and self-trust.

We are currently accepting clients for this program on a case-by-case basis. 

The investment for this 12-week immersion with 1:1 coaching support throughout is $9,997. 

If you're interested in more details, please e-mail coach@katiepapo.com.

Our 30-day intensive, PATH to Food Freedom, provides every necessary ingredient for a lifetime of food freedom. With this 30-day intensive, you have the option to add on personalized coaching too.

Client Freedom Stories

Program Breakdown



The RESET process reboots your nervous system into a calm state, allowing for clear thinking and reducing psychological cravings. We help you make conscious, empowered food choices and become more attuned to body signals.

This leads to deep-level rewiring of eating patterns, allowing you to respond to physical sensations and emotions without being consumed by them. The goal is to create the conditions for real transformation to occur in your eating habits.



Receiving is about tuning in to your body's signals. We help you interpret these signals, so you can determine hunger, satisfaction, fullness, thirst, tiredness, or other feelings.

We also help you experience pleasure from food without compulsion. Improved communication with your body leads to better self-care, health and well-being, and self-trust. Listening to your body's needs, instead of relying on rules, is key to this process.



The RESPOND phase starts with understanding and responding to your body's signals. You will learn to distinguish your physical and emotional needs and make decisions based on what will truly satisfy and support you.

We also teach you how to speak kindly to yourself, with compassion, as you heal and strive for inner peace. This shift in self-reaction, from self-harm and toxic language to calmness, healthy action, and compassion, is crucial in building self-trust. As you see yourself consistently taking care of yourself through genuine compassion, your trust in yourself will grow. This leads to greater overall health, happiness, and peace.



To develop lasting change in your eating habits, consistency is key. In the REPEAT phase, you learn how to maintain consistency and make your new habits effortless and integrated into your life.

Consistency leads to progress and the formation of habits, allowing you to make steady and significant advancements in your relationship with food. Celebrating small wins helps to reinforce the habits and create a positive, encouraging relationship with yourself, which in turn accelerates progress. By making progress and celebrating your successes, you'll find that change comes faster and is more enjoyable.

The more you repeat, the more your brain gets rewired. The more your brain gets rewired, you are different. Before you know it, you don’t even struggle with disordered eating anymore. Food issues just fall away. You forget that you used to even be triggered by certain things, because you just aren’t anymore.

After Going Through the REWIRED EATING Program You Will:

Your binges, urges, and compulsions will become fewer, smaller, and farther in-between, until they completely fall away naturally, as a result of the work you'll be doing

You'll finally feel at peace with food. Your relationship with food will take an upward trajectory of health, peace, and ease. Your energy will be freed up.

No matter what food situation you find yourself in, you'll feel ease. No more worry about one incident spiraling you out of control. No more counting "binge free days" out of fear that one trigger will undo the whole thing.

You'll get your mental energy back. You can finally reclaim your health and the body you feel most comfortable in. You can give your attention to your loved ones, without constant food thoughts in the way.

You get your TIME back. You get your LIFE back.

What's Included:





Client Freedom Stories

Our people are ready to do things in a different way

We focus on helping people who have an unwavering commitment to themselves and to end disordered eating in a way that therapists, residential treatment centers, doctors and other health professionals have failed to fix in the past.

Our people are led to us after being in a journey of self love because they want to stop having food take up so much mental space in their life. To be blunt, they want to let go of judgement, shoulds, restrictions, secret binges and inner turmoil.

How It Works:

Immersive and time-efficient process. Expect to allocate approximately one hour per day, split between your morning and evening practices, as well as some guided reflection and note-taking time during meals. Allow for 1-3 hours of additional assignments per week.

We expect our clients to show up and execute!

A practical, structured program that contains every ingredient you need for food freedom.

You’ll receive access to our members-only site, set up so you can implement with simplicity.

Our clients do well with structure, so you’ll methodically make your way through the assignments in the program, and you’ll have permanent access to all the materials and future updates.

**This is where I show you exactly how to implement your rewired eating, step-by-step, on a daily basis. You’ll be given clear instructions at every step.


You're ready to resolve this right now. You don’t want to reach the end of your life, only to regret losing far too much of it because you were consumed by issues with food.

You’re ready for true ease around food and peace in your mind, without relying on a single food rule. You’re done with an out-of-control relationship with food.

You’re ready for a permanent, lifelong solution that’s practical, simple, and straightforward, because you were ready for this yesterday! Your eating disorder has been consuming your mind and harming your body, and enough is enough.


You’re still convinced your dieting and food rules are working for you, even though you keep reverting to binge eating.

You feel like you have to figure this out all on your own, even if that means more years of your life being consumed by food.

You don’t feel your mental, emotional, or physical health are worthwhile investments of your time, energy, and money.

 You’re unwilling to ask for or receive help in a small group setting of others who are on the same freedom path as you.

Did you check all the boxes? Then we can get you these 4 predictable results:


You’re in control. Food no longer controls you.

We help you get rid of your compulsion and obsession with food.

If you’ve been waking up with food thoughts as the first thing on your mind, or missing out on being truly present with your life and loves, this is for you.


You’re in control. Food no longer controls you.

You’ll no longer worry that one little trigger will open the floodgates of a binge, and undo your hard work.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll be “un-triggerable.”

Instead, what you eat is a peaceful choice. Not a compulsion.


Your body becomes HEALTHY.

You’re no longer at war with your body. Instead, you’re an unstoppable team!

You no longer rely on food rules, or fear binges. You genuinely feel satisfied, healthy, and eating feels effortless.


Food becomes a genuine non-issue.

You no longer have an eating disorder.

Think of this immersion as an eating disorder residential treatment

except it works quickly and sustainably, and you get to immerse yourself from your own home! You practice under our guidance with real-life triggers to give you a new, peaceful relationship with food.

Or think of it as bariatric surgery, except it’s surgery for your MIND and you don’t have to go under the knife.🔪

To be clear, this is NOT ❌ about learning to “manage” your eating disorder. No! Rather …


We’ll help you END your disordered eating. Permanently.

Let's talk about the investment

Just like how you’d make a long-term investments into your house or your car, this investment goes toward the two places you actually spend even MORE 🕜 time in … your body and mind.

You only get one life as YOU.

For context, a standard financial investment for residential eating disorder treatment is $90,000+ for 3 months. Bariatric surgery is $15,000 to $23,000. The worst part is, these often don’t even work to solve the root of the problem. ❌
Our program goes straight to the root of your food issues, there is no wagon to fall off, and we have the freedom stories to prove it. Our clients truly get their life back, even if they struggled for decades prior.

The current financial investment to reclaim your life from disordered eating with our guidance in Rewired Eating is a single payment of $9,997 in US dollars.

**If the investment stated above is a financial stretch for you at this time, you’re invited to explore additional funding options here.

Our clients believe that getting their life back, as well as their mental, emotional, and physical health, are seriously worthwhile investments.

Those who invest in their long-term health can expect to see a significant return on their investment.

This includes getting their time, energy, and health back, plus saving money on associated eating disorder costs, such as binge food, diet costs, clothing, books, medical costs, and therapy. Even simply saving $15 per day on food alone will amount to $27,375 saved in just 5 years.

Above all, you can reclaim your life and live it the way you want to, as the person you know you truly are, and want to be.

If you're ready to leap forward and reclaim your life back from your eating disorder, send me a PM 👈 to enroll, or ask about any further questions you may have.

I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Those who begin now will have a completely new relationship with food before the New Year. You won’t have to repeat the diet-binge cycle ever again. 💯

If you’re ready for true peace and ease with food – for genuine, lifelong freedom – send me a PM and let's move forward.

With love, Katie

PS If you don’t use messenger, email me at coach@katiepapo.com. 👈